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    Jun 04, 2008
    Unhappy Please help, "unknow error (2005)"
    Hi all, I think i might have bricked my phone! Last night i was installing some new stuff on installer (I can't recall exactly what apps i installed [but none of them was from an untrusted source], since when i quit installer the phone displayed "setting language" with the round wait sign and stayed that way for a long time), after a few minutes it began vibrating randomly, so i decided to turn off the phone!
    It wouldn't turn off so i had to reset it using the home and on/off button.
    It switched off, but when i tried to switch it back on, all I got was the apple sign, it wouldn't start!
    I connected it to the wall socket, planning on leaving it that way all night and see if it started, and the vibrating started again!
    I left it all night trying to start, not charging so i wouldn't get the annoying vibrating.
    This morning it still hadn't started, i entered it into DFU mode and tried to restore it on iTunes, but i got an "couldn't restore iphone. unknown error (2005)" which i hadn't seen before!
    I can't manually restore it or do anything with it since now it won't even turn on, no light no apple logo, nothing. And ZiPhone says I need to restore it using iTunes!

    Can anyone help me please or give me some info?
    I loved my phone


    UPDATE: apparently the problem was i was out of disk space! I managed to free up some space and restore it and get it to work again.

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    Jun 04, 2008
    Small update
    It does turn on when using both power on and home button, I had to connect it to mains because it was out of battery and I'm getting the vibrating again...

    UPDATE Ok, i don't know how, but i managed to get iTunes to recognize it, and i saw that i had 0Kb free on my iPhone, and imagine the whole problem was because of this, i freed up some space by deleting songs, and iTunes says the phone is ok, i still can'd manage to turn it on though... Any help appreciated

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