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    Many stuck pixels: should I wait to exchange?
    So I've had my iPhone three months now, and there are easily 200-300 stuck pixels along the left side of the screen. It wasn't that way when I got it, and I've never dropped the unit.

    I'm going to take it in to exchange for a new unit, but I'm wondering if it's worth waiting until the 3G units come out. So I guess my real question is two-fold: Is there a downside to waiting (expired warranty?), and what are the chances I get an upgraded unit if I take it in in July?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truant View Post

    I'm going to take it in to exchange for a new unit, but I'm wondering if it's worth waiting until the 3G units come out.
    No, it won't. Your unit will be replaced with the exact same model you purchased. You don't get a new model just because a new model was released since you bought the one you have.
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    DB is right on: Apple even now still replaces iPod minis with refurbs when you send it in for a battery exchange, so you'll definitely get the current gen iPhone back.

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    They appear to have enough refurbs that you likely won't get a newer model. I just took my 4GB iPhone in because it wasn't loud enough... and got a 4GB iPhone to replace it.
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