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    iTunes on external hard drive instead of desktop
    My boss has this problem. Every time he plugs in his iphone to his computer, the itunes file cannot be found, because it is looking for it on the f drive (external hard drive). If the external hard drive is plugged in the iphone will sync with no problem. I went into the f drive and deleted the itunes from it, unplugged it from the computer and reinstalled itunes on the desktop and it worked, synced without the external hard drive (which is what we want). However, when i plugged it back in today, the same thing!!! Anyone else have this problem? How can I stop the itunes from looking for the external hard drive to sync the iphone?

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    It's not clear whether iTunes the app was on the F drive, or the iTunes folder (with all the songs etc) was on the F drive.

    Either way, I hope you didn't delete all his songs?

    Anyway, go to iTunes preferences, Advanced and look at the iTunes folder location. You can change this to default to a external or internal folder. Also note that if he ripped or downloaded anything while the F Drive was disconnected, then iTunes stores it locally anyway.

    What you should also do is consolidate library (Advanced -> Consolidate library) to move all the songs to the new location defined above.

    I assume you're a windows user (F dive and all that?).
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    The only thing I can think of would be if you checked the "Manually Add Songs to My iPod" button in the phone's preferences in iTunes. That'll prevent it from looking for the iTunes library every time it's plugged in.

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