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    Confused Apple IDs
    I use OSX on my Mac. I am trying to use iCloud on my iPad. I must have set it up in the past but I have not used it. Now, when I tap
    Settings-->iCloud a box appears asking me to sign in using an Apple id based on my old email address and since superseded with a new id which I have used for some time on my Mac.

    These are the ids displayed when i tap various entries in the Settings app.on the iPad.
    iCloud: old id.
    iTunes & Apple store: new id.
    Games Center: old id.
    Videos(home sharing): new id.
    Facetime: old id.
    Any ideas please?

    Ken Ellis

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    See if this information copied from the iCloud Starter Manual (MacWorld Pub) helps:

    The Basics

    We have a few specific account-based scenarios below, but before we go on, here are a few general tips.

    IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE ID THAT YOU WANT TO USE FOR SYNC AND PURCHASES Convert it to iCloud. If you used your Apple ID for one of Apple’s older sync services, you may also have active and accounts. While you should get in the habit of using, don’t worry: You can still use your .me and .mac email addresses.

    IF YOU WANT TO SYNC WITH ONE ID AND PURCHASE WITH ANOTHER Convert one to iCloud; use the other to log in to the iTunes and App Stores.

    IF YOU WANT TO SYNC WITH MULTIPLE IDS Hook up your primary account to your device; add a secondary account for calendar and contacts syncing using the Mail, Contacts & Calendars pane in System Preferences on your Mac or the Settings app on your iOS device.

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    Thanks for the information. I found the solution to my specific problem elsewhere. Here it is:
    " Go to https:// and sign in your current iCloud/Apple ID then edit it to your old email address then Save the changes. Don't sign out yet. Go Back to your IOS device then delete your iCloud account. Once deleted, go back to the Apple ID website and rename it back to your current email address. You have to verify it this time and you will be able to since you have access to that email address.

    Ken Ellis

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