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    Ipad 1st/2nd for College
    Hello everyone, I am looking into purchasing an Ipad for college for primarily note-taking internet browsing, email, and netflix. Would a 1st/2nd gen ipad work well enough for this?

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    I would go for a third or fourth generation iPad instead. Faster processor and better ability to handle the latest version of iOS (7.1). While a 2nd generation iPad will work OK, a later model will last longer and would be better to run the latest apps.

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    I agree completely with Chscag for the reasons he gave. I am right now stuck with an iPad one. Only IOS 5 will run which limits many things including so many new apps will not install or run.

    So for sure don't get an iPad One and if I were you I would skip the 2nd one also for the sake of the latest version of IOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceship_j View Post
    Hello everyone, I am looking into purchasing an Ipad for college for primarily note-taking internet browsing, email, and netflix. Would a 1st/2nd gen ipad work well enough for this?
    Completely agree w/ the previous posts! First, forget about the first iPad; second, I have an iPad 2 (3 years now) which is running the latest version of iOS, so would work, but has a lousy camera, cannot do Siri (if you might want that feature), and is non-retina screen (along w/ the other minuses mentioned). I was about to buy an iPad Air but will wait until the next version is released just to see what Apple has updated. If $$ is not a major problem, then get the latest model possible - the current iPad Air would be an excellent choice - Dave

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    The last time I checked, you'd pay almost as much for a new iPad2 as for a newer version. Forget about the iPad1, as it's quite limited. I still have my iPad2, and it's okay, but why buy such an old version? If $$ is big concern get a reconditioned iPad3. If you are going to keep this for 4 years of college, you really do need the newer version. Good luck!

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    Why on earth wouldn't you get the latest model iPad?? There's no huge savings to be gotten from buying a used one as far as I can see (maybe $100-200 at most, not worth it compared to the power, warranty, etc of a new one).

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    Have you looked at a iPad Mini ?? You grab one of them with 64GB and your away. Even look for in the Refurb Store
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