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    using iPad as a graphic tablet
    Hi! My faithful graphic tablet, Intuos 3, has finally called it a day, and I need a replacement! As a straightforward solution, Intuos pro is a perfect replacement, but my husband has given me another idea that I'm trying to investigate:
    is it possible to use an iPad (3 or 4) and a stylus pen (let's say Wacom Intuos Creative), and use it like a graphic tablet (like Intuos, not Ciniq) ? There are plenty of reviews out there, regarding using the tablet directly with a stylus. What I'm after is using it exactly as a graphic tablet - looking at the screen of my iMac, working on the iPad. I'm a photographer, and need to use Photoshop. TIA!

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    The iPad's capactive touchscreen is designed for fingers, not fine drawing tools. There are some rudimentary stylus-like devices out there for the iPad, but none of them are better than even the cheapest graphics tablet (even a Wacom Bamboo or the like is a better choice).

    It has no pressure sensitivity at all, nor is the surface tuned for any kind of "feel". And beyond that, you'd need a way to interface it with your Mac, which may prove to be challenging. If you're serious about drawing or design work, you're going to want to replace that tablet. Otherwise, it's like bringing a knife to a gunfight.
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