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Thread: iPad Air sync question

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    iPad Air sync question
    How do I get my new iPad Air to sync only the music that's in my iTunes Library to my iPad - while deleting any music that's not in my iTunes library from my iPad?

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    Have you already gone through the set up process on the iPad?

    If so, plug it into your computer and open iTunes. Under the music tab there should be an option to sync all music in your library with the iPad. I don't know how you would have music on your iPad that isn't in your library in the first place, so not sure what the concern is about that.
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    Your iTunes Library on your computer should have ALL the music except perhaps recent iTunes purchases -- which will automatically be synced back to the Mac when the two are connected (or, in a pinch, can be re-downloaded to the computer for free).

    I'd recommend not trying to keep "some" music on the iPad that isn't backed up to the computer -- it just increases the likelihood that someday, you'll lose that quantity of music.

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    MYmacRox & Chas_m,
    Thanks for the replies. This is my first iPad (iPad Air) and the software on my iPad, MacBookPro, and iTunes is all updated. Compared to most users of iTunes I have very little music stored in my iTunes on my MBP. Still, I don't want all the music in iTunes on my MBP to be on my iPad.
    I can sync my iPad without difficulty and add or remove Apps or Kindle books - it's just with the music on my iPad that I am having a lot of trouble. In iTunes on my MBP shouldn't I be able to "check" the songs I want to be synced to my iPad?

    Also, I have a few CD albums I purchased (George Winston music) and I received the actual CD in a case - these albums were NOT digital downloads - and of course I did not purchase them from the Apple store. My several year old MBP has a CD/DVD slot so I copied those CDs into iTunes on my MacBookPro. Shouldn't I be able to sync those to my iPad?

    At this point I would like to take ALL the music off my iPad and start over with syncing music to my iPad but I can't even do that! I guess I need to go buy a hard copy of an "iPad For Dummies" book and learn how to manage music on my iPad.
    Thanks for your replies,

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    You can of course sync only checked song, or set up playlists (or smart playlists) so that just a subset of your entire music library is copied onto the iPad Air. This is all done on your Mac using iTunes, I, for example have a smart playlist called "least played music" that syncs to my iPhone, so I'm always getting a fresh set of music each time I re-sync.

    As for the CDs, obviously once they are imported into iTunes they are treated exactly the same as any other digital files and can be synced to the iPad. Possibly you converted the CD into a format the iPad Air doesn't support for space reasons, but there is an option in iTunes on the Mac to convert such files to MP4s "on the fly" that should eliminate any compatibility issues.

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