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    Bluetooth printing on ipad
    Is this possible.
    Here is my situation. My dad wants me to set up up to be able to print when I am home for the holidays. They have ipad 2 and no wi-fi. What would I need to do this? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Hi Schmolke - can't be done using BT which is for connecting wireless keyboards, headphones, & speakers (all of which I use w/ my iPad).

    Now your question (if I understand it correctly) is that your Dad has an iPad 2 and wants you to setup the device to print for his use - right? Does your father have a broadband service? If not, is he using the iPad at all to get on the internet? You might need to explain his 'computer' setup first including whether there is a printer (brand & model)?

    Now there are plenty of 'Air Print' compatible printers available (Air Print Basics) but most will require a home Wi-Fi network - unless you can find one that establishes it's own wireless network (I've not used one) - a consideration.

    Please read over the link & provide responses to some of my questions - hard to give specific advice w/o more information - Dave

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