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bdclary 12-10-2013 10:44 AM

Recommendations for dual iPad/iPhone charging station
Hi all:

We have a third gen iPad and an iPhone 5, both in Otterbox Defender cases (we have kids). My wife would prefer to replace the nest of charging cables on her nightstand with a charging station that will charge both the iPad and iPhone. Her criteria are:
  1. Clock display
  2. Be able to accommodate the devices in their Otterbox cases
  3. Stereo

We're not looking for audiophile quality out of the stereo; the ability to play music off the device would be nice.

I've been looking at an iHome stations (e.g., iHome Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio with USB Charge for iPod/iPhone/iPad: MP3 Players & Accessories), but I'm not sure the iPad would fit on top in its case. Does anyone know if it will? If it doesn't, will purchasing a dock extender ( Cosmos Black , White Dock Extender 30-Pin Converter for iPhone 4 4S, iPod ,iPad 2 3(The new iPad) , Free Cosmos Cable Tie: Cell Phones & Accessories) work?

Or are there are other stations that meet our criteria better?

Thanks for the help!

Lifeisabeach 12-13-2013 06:20 PM

I'm skeptical that the iHome will work, in part because the Otterbox may "thicken" the iPad to the point that the back piece behind the connector will get in the way. But that would probably be a problem with any dock, if that's the case (that piece is there to support the weight). I am certain that there is no way you can use it or really any dock without an extender, again thanks to the Otterbox cases. I can vouch for that extender in particular though... my co-workers use one for their iPhones in Otterboxes on the Sony clock radio dock we have here.

If there is a local electronics store that carries these, I'd go up there and ask to try the iPad in one to see how it fits.

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