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sueoz 12-04-2013 09:22 AM

Ipad mini for PC user
My adult son is a PC user. I was thinking of getting him an ipad mini for a gift but wonder if PC users would pick this. I am an apple person all the way so do not have any knowledge as to whether this would make any difference. Also can he transfer a movie he has stored on his PC to the mini to watch?

Flavacraze 12-04-2013 12:36 PM

He can transfer a movie to the iPad provided it is in the correct format.
As long as he downloads iTunes and manages his iPad with that, he shouldn't have any issues.
(iTunes won't import file types such as .mkv, and the iPad won't play them to my knowledge)
I know plenty of PC users that can't stand apple products and I know plenty that love their iPads and iPhones and all that jazz.
I think the real question is how much your son would like to customize his device.... while Apple makes a great product it is very difficult to customize compared to other products.
Asus makes a great tablet (cheaper too). Actually, all the other brands are cheaper and generally have more features and you can customize them to the nth degree.
Having said all that, I think your son will be stoked with whatever option you provide. The iPad minis are pretty neat I will say that. My buddy has one and playing games on it is miles better than on the iPhone. As well as watching movies.

chas_m 12-07-2013 03:31 AM

Assuming your son is not some sort of loser geek and more like a regular person, an iPad (particularly one of the new ones) will probably delight him beyond all expectation. They work just fine with Windows machines.

Flavacraze's view is ... unique. There is a very good reason why no competing tablet has ever sold 1/1000th the number of units the iPad has. Cheap tablets are exactly that ... cheap tablets. If we were talking smartphones there would be some valid competition, but in tablets there are two choices:

Real tablet: iPad
E-Reader only: best bet is a Kindle

But don't take my word for it:

Check out that first chart. Note that this is based on actual real-world usage, not inflated "shipment" numbers from companies that won't reveal end-user sales figures.

Flava is also incorrect that iPads can't play, for example, .mkv movies. He probably meant that the built-in video app can't (until the file is converted), and this would be true. However, there are a bevy of video apps for the iPad that can play pretty much any format under the sun -- including one your son has likely heard of, VLC.

Buy with confidence!

bobtomay 12-07-2013 07:58 AM

Usage statistics and sales figures prove nothing as to what may or may not be the best of any particular item. Or else Ferrari or Maserati might be at the top of both of those charts.

I'll agree with Flavacraze that the new Asus Nexus is a very nice tablet.
I'll also agree that you can buy an iPad with confidence.

I recommend 3 tablets
1. Kindle Fire HDX (or HD) for those that will only consume and is by far the easiest device to use.

2. iPad for those that can afford it - a lot easier to use than any Android tablet - more apps available than any other mobile operating system and can do more with it than any other. I can't see anyone being disappointed receiving an iPad.

3. Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013 model) - a nice tablet and very nice for the price - Android is more customizable - for those that want to waste (err, spend) time doing that sort of thing and a great many more of the major apps available than there are for the Kindle brand - it can have a much steeper learning curve than either of the first two - depending on what a user wants to do with it.

I have owned all three of the above. Still have a Kindle Fire HD and a Nexus 7.
If someone were to give me the new iPad mini - The Nexus 7 would be for sell the next day.

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