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Irishman 11-18-2013 01:50 PM

Unsync iPad and iMac?
Just bought an iPad a few days ago which will be mostly used by lady wife and getting used to it.It is under my Apple I.D. is in my name as I thought it easier for purchases etc.She has her own account on the iMac but as she installs her favourites they arrive on my account,obviously because the iPad is under my I.D.As she is only a part time user of the iMac and the iPad will suit her better, we are wondering now should we have synced the devices at all.Seeing it is not possible for have two accounts on the iPad,again for obvious reasons,can we unsync and let her do her own thing on the iPad albeit under my I.D.?

Thank you.
p.s. Is there any chance anyone has paired up their iPad with a Samsung Smart TV through their app?Having a spot of bother

MYmacROX 11-18-2013 01:57 PM

I think you're confusing user IDs on your iMac with the Apple ID on your iPad. 2 different things.

Your wife can adjust what apps, music, and photos she wants synced to the iPad by plugging in the iPad and opening iTunes. There are tabs in the main window for each of those things. Apple ID is what you use for purchasing apps and music/movies/TV shows through the App Store and iTunes Store.

She can set up the email app directly from the iPad itself by opening the Preferences app and going to Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

Irishman 11-18-2013 02:54 PM

Thank you MYmacROX for replying.I think our problem is the other way around.Can we stop,for example, her favourites,set up on the iPad, appearing on the favourites bar on my account side of the iMac( 21.5 Mid 2011) ? I deleted a load of favourite icons from the iPad screen only to learn that I had deleted them from my account on the iMac.She didn't want them as there were tons of them !! I just bookmarked this page on the iMac to test and it has appeared on the iPad.Not very good at this stuff but trying to learn.Thanks

MYmacROX 11-18-2013 03:57 PM

Are you talking about bookmarks in Safari?

If so, open Settings on the iPad and tap on iCloud. See if Safari is toggled on. If so, switch it to off.

A lot of those auto-sync options are because some people want to start something on their iMac or MBP and then pick right up where they left off on their iPad or iPhone. Or vice-versa.

Irishman 11-18-2013 05:55 PM

Perfect MYmacROX.Thank you again

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