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    Ipad Bricked iOS 7
    I have been given an iPad (3rd generation) from an elderly family friend.

    It had iOS 5 on it, and I updated it to IOS 7

    unfortunately I did not delete the the e mail or turn off the find my phone function before updating.

    the elderly family friend does not know his password and no longer has the computer from which it was set up.

    is there anything I can do?

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    There are only 2 options.

    Turn off 'find my iPad' by going to You will need the previous owners Apple ID and password. If the previous owner has forgotten their password they can reset it on-line. Their Apple ID is likely to be the email address they were using when they setup the iPad.


    The original owner will need their original receipt/invoice for the iPad. Only with this will Apple or an Apple authorised service provider be able to apply to have the find my iPad removed.

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    Thanks for the quick reply, will do the first option.

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