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    Can't sync movies to iPad
    We have 2 iPads in our home.

    On one of them I can sync movies I have purchased through iTunes, and can sync, some, but not al,slide shows I have created through iPhoto and saved on iTunes.

    The other iPad will not sync any movies. For some reason, this iPad also ail not sync my entire music library. For example half of the songs from a cd will sync but the other half will not. (These same songs sync to my phone just fine.

    I have read others complaining about iPad sync problems, but have yet to see a solution.

    Any advice?

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    Might be to do with registering the problem ipad. Is the ipad used on windows because they have a similar issue with ipods when used via windows and the trying to use on mac. Are you able to hook up both at the same time to itune on the computer.

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    I take it you have signed in to iTunes prior to connecting the iPad. Have to say I have now issues in this area.

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