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    I certainly didn't say any such thing. The heat death of the sun is an absolute certainty.

    We agree that "viruses becoming a problem for OS X" is a possibility. We disagree on the likelihood of that possibility is all.

    I'm just pointing out the historical track record. You're making it sound like such a thing will occur in the foreseeable future, for which you have no evidence. Implications cut both ways, I suppose ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by newscribe View Post
    Possibly use iTunes and restore to the last backup prior to this issue.
    Just to be really clear, I simply used the last backup from the iPad 2 after the problem began, not before. My thinking was that some kind of corruption crept into the iPad 2 during the many iOS updates since I bought it on the iPad 2 release date. Resetting the iPad 2 to factory and using the same third party apps setup on the new Air worked to stop the crashing, which suggest that something like that had occurred. Can't blame the iOS updates specifically though, since it could have been a problem in one of the apps that got fixed with an update during the switchover. Seems to rule out a hardware problem on the "old" iPad 2 though.
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    Truthfully it could have been one of many things, but from what you have said I would go for a corrupted file rather than hardware.

    Am pleased to hear that all seems fine now.

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