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    I am trying to learn bahasa indonesia using my iPad. I loaded app Learning indonesian that comes as podcasts. When I listen using the app Podcasts, it will continue to speak n explain even when I switsch off the iPad altogether. What do I do wrong or, what is the remedy.

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    You probably are not switching the iPad off, but just turning off the screen. Apps continue to run even after the screen is dark. To switch off the running podcast app, double click the Home button, then tap and hold on the Podcast icon that shows up at the bottom until it starts to shake and an "X" appears. Tap the "X" and the app will quit. You then press the Home button again to stop the shaking.

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    I can't recommend that method, MacInWin, since a user could EASILY press the home button, see the wiggling, and accidentally delete the podcast app FAR too easily.

    Alternative suggestion: when using the Podcast app, use the controls in the app to stop the podcast playing BEFORE closing the app. MacInWin is right that you're not actually shutting off the iPad, just putting it to sleep (and background audio will keep playing when the machine is asleep if you didn't stop it before closing the app).

    To actually shut down an iOS device, you must press and HOLD the sleep button for about four seconds, then a "power off" slider bar will appear for you to complete the shutdown. I recommend doing this every month or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    I can't recommend that method, MacInWin, since a user could EASILY press the home button, see the wiggling, and accidentally delete the podcast app FAR too easily.
    Don't think so, chas_m. If you press the home button just once, or too slowly double click, it just takes you back to the number one springboard, or beyond that to the search screen. If you accidentally triple click, the colors on the screen reverse, which is a neat parlor trick, but not much utility there. (It is a quick way to darken a totally white screen, though, which is useful when reading at night!). If you double click properly the springboard is greyed out and a new bar appears at the bottom with just the running program icons. You can swipe right and left to see more than the first four. If you swipe to the right past the running icons you get to the controls for Music, and on the iPhone, the orientation lock. Once you find the running program you want to end, you tap and hold until the X appears and then tap the X and it quits immediately. Because the springboard is greyed out, it's not possible to delete the program, and the icons on the springboard don't shake behind the greyout. If you tap in the springboard, the icons for running programs disappears immediately and the springboard un-greys but the icons are not shaking. That tap on the springboard area cancels the double-click to show the running apps.

    If you tap and hold on the podcast icon on the springboard until all of the icons get the shakes and then tap the X, you get a warning that you are about to delete the app. The two actions are entirely separated and different, so it's unlikely that you accidentally delete the app instead of shutting it down.

    Your suggestion to the OP to use the controls in the Podcast app itself is good, but if the OP forgets, a quick double press on the Home button will let him shut it down, too. He can also get to the app by tapping on the app icon on the springboard again, and it should reappear.

    Bottom line, the double click is how Apple designed it to stop running apps, and it's unlikely to lead to an accidental deletion of the app. It can happen, but not EASILY.

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    Never underestimate the power of a newbie, MacInWin.

    (what I was worried about specifically was that they might not understand what you meant by "the bottom" (ie what Windows users would call the "system tray") and instead delete the icon itself by touching the X in the wiggling program icon.)

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    I think Apple shares your concerns. That is probably why the two functions are mutually exclusive. If you try to stop it, you can't delete it because of the grey-out and the fact that if you touch in the grey out area the stop function is cancelled. Similarly, if you get it shaking and tap something it double verifies you really want to delete the app.

    I bet somebody in Apple accidentally deleted an app once, ya' think?

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