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    Is my Ipad 2 broken? Need help!
    Hello, I have owned an ipad 2 16gb for about a year now. A couple of days ago, my son was playing on it, and it suddenly went into "recovery mode". In other words, just the itunes icon and the usb cable are showing on the ipad screen. I have tried to restore it through itunes without luck. A bunch of error messages are just popping up, whenever i try. etc; 1611, 21. I have tried through dfu mode, different computer, uninstall itunes and much more.

    Do anyone here know how to fix this? Im willing to try anything at this point...

    Best Regards

    Ps. The ipad have never been jailbroken.

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    Is there an apple store near you? If so, you could make an appt with the genius bar. You can call apple support and see if they can walk you through son=me steps but they will probably refer you to the store.
    Hopefully someone on this forum will have something useful to suggest

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    Make sure that you have the newest version of iTunes on the computer, try a different USB port, try a different computer as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by articc View Post
    Hello, I have owned an ipad 2 16gb for about a year now. A couple of days ago, my son was playing on it, and it suddenly went into "recovery mode".
    I found the cause of the problem.

    (actually, I'm assuming the problem was a coincidence, but its odd how often such things happen when the device is out of your hands, isn't it?)

    Given what you have tried, I'm convinced there's a hardware issue going on, which requires a tech. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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    Go to the Genius Bar. Seems to be a hardware issue. iTunes should be able to restore. I had the issue before and I used another computer and all was fine. If using another computer does not work for you and you have tried differet USB ports, go talk to apple.

    Yes I know you rather fix the issue without talking to Apple. That may not be the case here. It may just be smarter to talk to apple. That way you will get a direct fix and know what exactly is up with your iPad.

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