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    Lightbulb Using iPad Mini with External HDMI Monitor
    can someone coach me here: I tried searching this topic and was really surprised at how thin the collective knowledge seems to be.
    all I want to accomplish is what I would do with a netbook/notebook or android [modern one that is]: throw down the Mini on a desk, attach [if necessary] cable/interface, hooked to my big 1080p monitor and keyboard [mine typically have builtin trackpad]

    I have read quite a few 'beefs' re: the advertised vs reality maximum resolution via iPAD Mini to HDMI/external... If anyone can enlighten me on that. supposedly it is theorized at full 1920x1080 high color, but reality is 1600x900... is that true?

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    You need this adapter to connect the iPad mini to a external monitor with a HDMI connection.

    It will support up to 1080P (i.e., 1920x1080)

    For the keyboard, you would have to get a Bluetooth keyboard and pair it with the iPad Mini. However, the trackpad isn't going to do you much good with the interface on the iPad Mini, so you'll have to keep the iPad Mini screen accessible so that you can use that to interact with it.

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    ain't so....
    ok it took me awhile... now I know why the community is so either ill-informed or mum about this topic.
    this pretty well delineates the issue, and the subterfuge: Apple’s Lightning-to-HDMI adapter can’t mirror the iPad mini’s display at 1080p | Ars Technica

    they fib. nobody has ever seen a Mini display 1080p. I had noticed the comments here and there about a max of 1600x900 [and that done poorly] but couldn't find the rationale.

    the reader comments [the more savvy] add some color to the picture.

    welll... so I've found at least one advantage to the 'droid competition! even humble [but late vintage] arm/droids can do this trick fairly easily. not as 'pretty' and full featured as a pc notebook but they can get 'er done.

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    I remember reading about that. It's because the Lightning connector doesn't have the ability to feed that much data, due to lack of pinouts. I think, if I'm remembering correctly, that the Lightning cable actually makes a wireless connection to the iPad and the data is sent over that.
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