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    Red face Apple will buy my old iPad 1 !
    I plan on getting a newer model later this year- possibly a mini if they put the A6 chip in it. Brought current one into an apple store for comparison. Just the weight alone next to another 9.7" is great. The sharpness of the picture and speed of opening safari sites( I did an apples to apple comparison) I was planning on giving hubby my old iPad since all he does is occasionally check Facebook, email and some web surfing. He said his Asus laptop was corrupted . It just needed to have the cookies and history cleaned up and windows updated- he shuts his computer down by the power button- if at all- Duh, old fart won't learn.
    Anyway, the apple employee said that if I wanted to turn my old one in, based on condition and features (64 g with cellular) they would give me 120.00 app card. not an instant refund- it would take 4-6 weeks after they sent it back to apple. I paid 150.00 for it used. not too shabby and easier than trying to sell on CL or e-bay.
    I just thought hubby would like to listen to his music on iTunes when he is killing time waiting for kids to get on the bus( school bus driver) He could read too- he was so shocked he could have all the Sinatra he wanted, I thought he was going to snatch the thing away from me then and there- He could pay me 120.00 in cash towards my new iPad- hey, I'm not Steve Jobs, ya know

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    Sweet deal. I've been wanting an new one since I cracked the screen on my old one.

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    May want to give Best Buy a shot at it also they check it out right there and give you a Rewards Zone Card with the value they deem towards the purchase of what ever you want in the store and thats what I did with my iPad 1 and iPhone 4 towards the purchase of an iPad4 and iPhone 5.

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