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    iPad apps will not update
    First off let me say I am sooo glad that y'all are also here for iPad help. I usually have questions on my Mac Book Pro and the help I get from here is immeasurable . Thank you for your continuing help !
    For awhile now I have been having trouble updating my apps on iPad . When I click to update an app it says either waiting or paused no other option. At the moment I am unable to use about 10 apps because they are tied up in the waiting spot. The only other option I have is to delete the app and reinstall . I have tried that too and it did not work. It has been so long since I last tried that I have forgotten exactly just what it does when trying to download an app after I deleted it. But I remember it did not fix the problem or I would not be here asking for help.

    Sincerely thank you ,


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    Unfortunately, that seems to be the norm. I usually don't have that many apps to update on my iPad at once but regardless, I get the same thing. Here's how I usually can beat the waiting....

    I update the apps through iTunes first as that is faster. After I download all my updates, I attach my iPad to my Mac and sync. Otherwise waiting for the updates to download via WiFi can take quite awhile depending on the speed of your connection.

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    Have you tried actually powering down your iPad?

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    Yes, restart your ipad then check that your wifi has a strong signal... usually some apps are big and require wifi if over 50MB.

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    Hard reset (hold sleep/wake and home until apple logo appears on black background)

    Once rebooted try again. If that still doesn't work try, as above, downloading all updates on iTunes and syncing

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    Yes I did all the hard resets and just regular restarts but nothing worked .

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    Chscag I use the app store and I have not been using iTunes for any downloads. I will try what you stated but am going to have to use the app store. Then I will sync them. Thank-you

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