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    Ipad2 touch screen stops responding
    Hi All

    Hope i'm not posting a thread for something thats already out there, but i don't see it. My Ipad has developed a fault and i can't resolve it. The screen stops responding to touch. I have tried a complete hard reboot from iTunes, wiping everything and starting from scratch again. I felt sure it would work but sadly i'm back to square one. After turning it on it works for a few minutes, then it sloes down and then stops responding altogether. Can anyone advise me on this, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Ronnie - I own an iPad 2 myself - my first suggestion would be to 'Reset' the device, but you seem to have already performed that action. Not sure what your warranty status may be but a visit to the Apple Store might be needed at least for advice and an estimate.

    Now, if you're not under warranty and the repair cost is exorbitant, then a DIY repair is possible but likely difficult - check iFixit to see what the steps & difficulty are? Good luck and let us know your solution -

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