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Thread: New ipad Mini . . .

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    New ipad Mini . . .
    Is there going to be a new ipad mini coming out this year?

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    No one knows when Apple will do a refresh. You can get some idea of when the rumor mill thinks new items will show up by going to this site: LINK

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    Don't put a LOT of stock in the rumor mills -- they don't have a great overall track record. I enjoy speculating about this stuff as much as the next fellow but buying into the hype will usually lead to disappointment.

    My *guess* would be that IF Apple are going to do an iPad mini refresh this year, it would be in the fall since the iPad is a hugely popular gift item.

    But I have to point out that the iPad mini really doesn't have any competition in its class at this point, so Apple's under very little pressure to release an updated one on "keep ahead of the pack" grounds*.

    *that's not the only factor that goes into a decision to update, of course.

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    My guess, based on previous years, September-ish. iPad mini, retina display, iOS7. But like everyone else that's simply a guess.

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    No one except apple knows when they are going to come out with a new product. It could be possible that they will but no one will know until WWDC.

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