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Thread: Magnetic covers

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    Magnetic covers
    Will the magnets in covers such as the Apple iCover and other third party magnetic covers cause damage and/or interfere with the iPad's functionality over time? I would think that it would, but I would like someone with an electrical/technical background to respond.


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    No, Apple's magnetic covers are designed not to interfere with the operation of the iPad. I can't speak for all third party devices but I'm sure that the named brand covers are designed the same way as Apple's.

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    Since the technology is built into the iPad and the cover designed by Apple, they've probably done the necessary due diligence to ensure no damage will occur.
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    The magnets are nowhere NEAR strong enough to do any damage.

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    Agreed with the others. Remember, the iPad contains no magnetic media (like a hard drive or floppy disks), so magnetism is not of concern.
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    Few years ago, USATODAY did a review on Magic cover, a kid asked his father why magnet used in cover,
    the father replied that is apple.

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