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Thread: Ipad 2 will not restore.

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    Ipad 2 will not restore.
    My wife has an ipad2 and the other day it froze on her and she did a reset by holding the Home button and the sleep button. What came on the screen was the plug into iTunes icon. I connected to iTunes and received it needed restored window.I tried several times and it appears to be trying,and says it is verifying the ipad with Apple. It runs for awhile the apple appears on the screen with the process line under it then it goes back to the plug into iTunes icon and says it can not be updated error 40. I have tried two PC laptops and my iMac with the same results. This is your basic ipad 2 16gb wifi.i have also tried the method of host file editing with Terminal on my iMac. Help

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    Bad cable perhaps? Some people are saying it is caused by security software blocking access to iTunes. Bad jailbreak? Missing mac address (would be a hardware problem). Here is some troubleshooting help from Apple.

    iTunes: Specific update-and-restore error messages and advanced troubleshooting


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    I am not familiar with jailbreak. I have tried to go into DFU mode and still nothing. All I know is that it froze while she was using it and now I can not get away from Plug into ITunes icon. I have gone through the process of downloading an iOS upgrade and install it then I get "This device is not eligible for upgrade".
    I have tried different cables with no success.

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    Sounds like it is well hosed. A trip to an Apple Store or Authorized Apple Service Provider is likely your next step.

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