I have just made a mess of ibook app on my iPads. I have an ipad 2 and ipad 4 and they both have this same problem. I updated the software today to 6.2 (I think thats the number).

The problem started when I noticed that a book was paused in a download that I had already read and deleted on my iPad 4. So I signed out of my Apple ID and rebooted the iPad 2 and got this book off of it. Then I noticed that the top of the screen that should have said Library instead said Store. So the screen that says Library now is the one where all the new books are showing that you could buy from and the screen that says Store at the top is the one where I have 2 books on the shelf that I have to read. Plus many multiple copies of past books that I have read and deleted and are stored in iCloud keep showing up on my bookshelf of books to read (that now mistakenly says Store at the top). I edit, delete them and then as i go out of the app and come back in hoping that the screens have fixed, all those deleted books show up again.

So, I have again signed in and out of apple id, rebooted AND restored from a backup on my mac and the problem remains. I am going crazy. Please help. If in my panic, I am not clear, please let me know.