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Thread: iPad & Malware

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    iPad & Malware
    I often visit less than reputable websites, how do I protect myself ( iPad ) from viruses,thank you.

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    Viruses, spyware, adware and the like all fall under the category of "malware". One of the nice things about Apple's so-called "walled-garden" approach to security for iOS is that you simply can't run software that hasn't been blessed by them.

    Despite the mystique that many people seem to associate with malware (viruses), it is software like any other. And since you can't run software other than what is provided by Apple by way of the App Store, you have little to be concerned with. Provided that you choose not to jailbreak the device, you needn't worry about it at all.

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    AFAIK there are not currently affecting the iPad assuming it has not been jailbroken. There was some indication that there might have been a piece of malware floating around but that issue has since been corrected. Given the nature of the app approval process I'd say the odds are rather low for an actual virus.

    Is There an iPad Virus? Can My iPad Be Infected?

    Apple Explains Why iOS Don't Need No Steenkin' Anti-Virus - Forbes

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