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Thread: App syncing on iPad

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    App syncing on iPad
    I apologize if this question has already surfaced previously, but I need some assistance. I recently purchased the iPad 4 and one of the big things I was excited about was the ability to sync apps thru iTunes so that apps I purchased on my MacBook Pro would be available for use on the iPad. When I tried to do this, two of the apps in particular (Pages and Keynote) wouldn't sync. I called the Apple tech support line and was told that only apps that are optimized for iPad would sync up and that I would probably have to go back to the App store and purchase these two apps for the iPad. Excuse me if this next statement reveals my relative newness to Apple producst (1 year), but I don't think it's right to have to spend even more money for an app that I've already purchased. I understand that it has to be optimized for use on the iPad, but to have to pay twice for the same app? That's a bit ridiculous. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and was able to resolve it without "breaking the bank" lol. Thanks

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    Pages is available for OS X and Pages is available for iOS. They are not one and the same. OS X is meant to run on the Macbooks, iMac and Mac Pro all of which are computers based on Intel processors. iOS is meant to run on iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and these devices are meant to run on ARM processors.

    Apart from the architectural differences, the applications differ by way of how you interact with them. The OS X version is obviously meant to be used with a mouse and keyboard while the iOS version is meant to be used with the touchscreen interface..

    Now you would get the applications for iOS through iTunes App Store, while you get applications for OS X through the Mac App Store (an entirely different application)

    Where did you exactly download Pages from?

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    I downloaded Pages and Keynote from the Mac App store for OS X. Now that you expalin it that way, it makes better sense. I hadn't thought about one being designed specifically for use with keyboards versus touch screen interface. Thanks.

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