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    ipad 1 screen dark and ugly after repair
    It's a 1st gen ipad i got my wife for Christmas last year. My son broke the glass an i replaced it successfully a few months ago.

    Then he dropped it in a puddle (really) - it got a bit of water under the screen so it would not respond but otherwise looked fine.

    I opened it, dried it out, put it back together and now it works properly but the the screen is dark and fuzzy.

    I'm thinking it's not the water but some connector i knocked loose.

    I don't want to open it again without some clue what i am looking for, any advice would be appreciated.



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    I think I can fix this for you:

    1. Stop letting the son use your wife's iPad.

    Yes ... yes I think that's the solution!

    But seriously: I think I'd call it a day on that model and sell it for parts. Get your wife and son EACH an iPad mini and teach him how to be more careful with it (or invest in a "lifeproof" case if he can't).

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