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    Angry Hardware question on iPad
    Hi there. I have an iPad 1st generation and I am unable to charge the iPad when I am booted into the system.

    When I power off the iPad and plug the charger in the iPad turns on by itself but when booted it does not show the iPad is being charged.

    When I power of the iPad and leave the charger plugged in and leave it for say half an hour, if I then turn the iPad back on it will go up from 5% to 15% in charge !

    Initially I thought it might have been a battery issue but now I don't think it is. I tried restoring the iPad today to factory default with not joy !

    I tried plugging the iPad in with a USB cable into my Windows & Mac Computers with no detection. I then tried going into recovery mode by powering off the iPad. Then holding down the home button and pugging in the USB cable with again no joy, no detection.

    I thought it might have been the dock connector on the iPad but it is charging the iPad so that must be ok ?

    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions that may help me ?

    Thanks everyone !
    Everything Mac !!!

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    From what you've said it doesn't seem like it's charging very much. It seems like you've ruled out a faulty cable and/or wall plug. Based on that, I'd have to agree with your previous assumption about the faulty dock connector.

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    The USB ports on computers do not supply enough voltage as to comply with USB specs the charger if functioning correctly does. Does it charge correctly when on the charger that came with it ?
    Also remember it will charge slowly if being used while charging if the battery is below a certain percent.
    The older the battery the slower the charge rate and with the iPad 1 that would put it at the 3 yr mark.

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