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    Help with multiple devices-new iPad
    I just purchased a 3rd generation iPad to replace my G4 PowerBook, which is running OS 10.4.1. On it is a ton of music I need to get onto my iPod ( and the cloud?). Also 8+ years of bookmarks. And pictures. And some msoffice for Mac word docs.

    Last year my husband bought me an iPod nano to store the music, but my PowerBook could not be upgraded to the latest iTunes, finally my brother got most of the tunes onto it my moving them to his pc which did have the latest iTunes.

    I have an iPhone 3GS that I have my iCal data and some pics and a couple of short videos on. It doesn't appear to be running the current version of iTunes- I can't tell how to find the version it is using.

    So now I have four different devices and am having trouble figuring out how to coordinate them all.

    Can anyone help me understand what it is possible to do and the correct sequence of steps to accomplish the integration of all these devices?

    I have established iTunes and iCloud accounts.

    Thank you

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    Are you looking to upgrade any of the hardware? Some of that is pretty old - and to consolidate - you could try it with what you have, but you may have an easier time if you were able to get to later versions of iOS and OSX - especially with the iCloud integration.

    The 3GS does seem to have the iCloud integration
    iOS 6 gives iPhone 3GS another year of life support

    I would consolidate and organize the Media first. Get everything to a drive and organized. Then read it into iTunes. Then start cleaning up all your PIM data through iCloud.

    After that is cleaned up - I would then start worrying about the iPod syncing.

    Consider a newer machine as a G4 Powerbook won't run any of the Intel or universal binaries - where all the software is headed as you have found with iTunes.

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