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    New LTE Ipad Mini not ready for cellular signup
    I received my Verizon 32GB LTE Ipad mini today. I went in to the system settings to the cellular tab and tried to sign up for cellular it was advertised. I got the message that I could not sign up...that I had to contact Verizon directly either in person or on their customer service line. I called and they said that the first batch of these LTE Ipad minis did not get their cellular IDs registered by APPLE to their respective the mini is not recognized by the carrier. I had to give the agent multiple serial numbers on my Ipad mini so she could MANUALLY enter this into the system so the mini can be registered. BOTTOM LINE....3-5 business days before the Mini is readly to go with cellular JUST BECAUSE APPLE did not get the information properly registered with VERIZON. The agent told me this happened with some of the Ipad 3s and she was surprised that this had happened again.
    SO, if you get a LTE mini and it isn't recognized by your carrier when you try to set it know what you have to do now.

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    1. I really, REALLY wouldn't take the word of a call center drone from a carrier that the problem is Apple's fault. For example: friend of mine got an LTE iPad mini --- she's all signed up just fine.

    2. MUCH more likely to be Verizon's fault. Apple is not responsible for psychically guessing which carrier you're going to use if you don't sign up on the spot at time of purchase.

    3. Give it a couple days and I'll wager that nobody has to go through that rigamarole.

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    I agree with chas_m. The LTE iPad Mini like the regular size LTE iPad is designed specifically for a particular carrier. I find it hard to believe that it's not registered with Verizon. It's very likely that it was registered prior to the first one being sold.

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