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    iPad 3 decision ...
    I am currently considering getting two iPad 3 32 GB for my daughters who are in middle and high school. We currently own an iMac computer at home that they currently share to do homework, etc. I was thinking of getting these iPads and using them as a desktop by purchasing the wireless keyboard, mouse and VGM adapter to hook up a larger screen. I also have an Airport printer that would support the iPad 3. All this would cost around $837 each. I am thinking the advantages here is that they can use the iPads as a mobile device and a desktop all in one. Is this a wise decision? Any other suggestions or tips from the forum?

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    The iPads can serve as desktops depending on what the usage is going to be. With Documents in Cloud, documents from Pages an be saved there for later access so not having access to the iPad's local storage probably isn't an issue. You can also Dropbox for other storage means..

    However, you cannot hook it up to a large screen or anything. The iPad is not a notebook computer or anything, it is still a tablet..
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcsfla View Post
    I am currently considering getting two iPad 3 32 GB for my daughters who are in middle and high school.

    Any other suggestions or tips from the forum?
    I trust that you know that the iPad has been recently updated to the iPad 4 (faster processor…the "A6X" cpu). So if you want the latest & greatest…make sure you get the iPad 4 with the A6X cpu…and not the former iPad 3 with the "A5X" cpu.

    On the other hand…you may be able to save a few bucks getting an iPad 3. And if you don't need the iPad 3…you could probably save even more by getting some refurbished iPad 2's.

    iPad 4 availability is supposed to be early November (November 2nd).

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    To add to what RazOrEdge said you can however purchase an Apple TV 3 and mirror them on a Flat Panel TV and for 99 dollars I feel that and the other functions are well worth the cost.
    As pigoo3 stated get the 4 unless a real nice deal can be had on the 3.

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    The other thing to realize is that if you're planning for them to use these as quasi-computer replacements - that may not work as well as intended. For instance - whatever they're using for their homework currently - they'll likely need new versions of that SW for IOS on the iPad. The iPad can have its role in school - but it's not a replacement for a computer - but more of a complement.

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    Hmm by the time you get to $837 would buying a MacBook Air base model be a better idea? (more memory, bigger screen etc.) Would be perfect and a very portable alternative.
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    I agree with the above. I have an iPad 3 for travel purposes but I also have an iMac at home which provides for the work that I do. As a student, a MBA or MBP is a better choice.

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    As a student this is a horrible idea. Let me explain. I have a mbp with a very nice desktop setup that I can plug into a thunderbolt display with wireless keyboard and mouse. I also have an iPad. When it comes to actually being productive I prefer the actual computer setup. However, when is comes to completing all school related tasks, I am forced to use the computer. All of my college courses require the use of websites that require many plug-ins that are not supported on the iPad. Flash being just one of those. Also, the ipad is sometimes unable to load some websites correctly. While I am sure you are receiving pressure from your kids to purchase the iPads for there "cool" factor you will most likely be buying them Laptops in the very near future for their college classes. Long term the decision is not a good one where you will most likely be shelling out even more money in the future. Getting them a MBA or MBP will be a much better solution.

    Bottom line the iPad will not work for a college student. It might work for simple tasks of creating documents but further than that I still see the iPad as a fun device. At this point it is no where near a computer replacement. Its a really big iPhone when it comes down to it, they basically share the same short comings.

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    I'd reconsider. No tablet can do all the things that a real computer can do. I like my iPad for checking communicating, playing games and taking notes, but for any kind of serious computing, you can't beat a Macbook.

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    I would look at refurbished MBAs for pretty much the same price and more storage plus all the computer functionality that an iPad doesn't have - i.e. flash videos, file directory for documents (yes, dropbox is nice but requires internet access), no additional mouse or keyboards to purchase, etc. etc.
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