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    Post iPad mini or 4th Gen iPad with Retina Display?
    I have been using an iPad 2 and would like to upgrade my device since now seems like the best time to do so.

    Do you think it's worth spending $170 extra on a 4gen iPad for it's Retina display and A6x processor?
    Should I save my money and get everything besides these two features in a compact and lightweight iPad mini?

    What would you buy, the iPad mini or the 4th Gen iPad with Retina Display?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mananwahan View Post

    What would you buy, the iPad mini or the 4th Gen iPad with Retina Display?
    There's a big difference in the price, display sizes, and weight of both devices. I would think that these three parameters would make your decision easy.

    Even if $$$ and weight aren't issues…the display size diff. should make deciding easy. And I don't think that anyone can REALLY tell someone else what display size is good for them. It's really a personal decision.

    I think that you need to go to an Apple Store…see & hold them both in person…and then decide.

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    Well...that's where the problem occurs....I stay in India and have a friend who is flying down from the US next month.

    I need opinions from you guys to help me decide as I will only be able to use it after I purchase it.

    I have used the iPad 2 and find the screen size to be perfect. Although, I do find it a bit big in size to hold comfortably while browsing. I always need to use a stand as it's too big to hold in your hand for too long.

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    if the iPad 2 screen size is perfect for you then it has to be an iPad 4 unless the weight issue is more import to you in which case. . . get a mini.

    For me, I got an iPad 3 and nothing about the mini (though it's a nice piece of kit) has turned my head away from the 3. The screen (the same as the iPad 4) is simply stunning and going back to 'standard' res wouldn't seem like a forward step.

    Now next year . . . . when the mini 2 comes out (maybe retina?) I might think again.

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    I want both...... I have an ipad 3 16 gig and would like to upgrade. I'm thinking of giving my girlfriend this ipad and getting the new ipad 4. I think the big deciding factor is holding both products and comparing.

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    I would just keep the iPad2 but that's just me.

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    I have new ipad and plan to buy a ipad mini.

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