I have an iPad 1st gen. When I plug it into a computer, nothing happens. I have tried it on 3 different computers (2 desktops and a laptop, all running Windows 7). I have the most recent version of iTunes on all the computers. I have restarted all the computers, reinstalled iTunes, and restarted the iPad numerous times. I have tried it with 4 different Apple Cords (including the cord that came with the new iPad we just got yesterday). Still nothing. It doesn't make a connection sound, it doesn't even say "Not charging". It doesn't show up in Windows anywhere, as any device (I checked the USB category in Device Manager) and it doesn't show up in iTunes. An iPhone and iPod connect to the computers just fine.

However, oddly, I left it connected to the computer overnight and it charged 9%... which is weird because it still shows no indication that it is connected to the computer. It works fine when plugged into the wall charger. I don't understand why it won't connect to any computer, and of course the warranty is long expired and I don't think taking it to an Apple store would be of any use. Is there ANYTHING I can do to make this work? Because I can't do anything with it... It's still version 4.2, I can't sync it, update it, restore it... I can't do anything. Please help!!!!