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    Question Best keyboard for ipad?

    I have an Ipad and as I'm starting school I want a keyboard to get my typing up to speed.

    So I wanna hear from users:

    "What in your upinion is the best keyboard for using with the iPad ???"

    Best and thanks in advance!


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    Check out the new Logitech Keyboard Case at the Logitech web site or at It's $99 but also includes a protective magnetic case.

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    I know a lot of folks really like that Logitech keyboard, I have yet to try it though. I did have a ZaggFolio 2 in for review awhile back and I remember that case was really solid, but a bit pricey. The keys felt really familiar just like the ones on my MacBook, the case wasn't the greatest though but it did have the sleeper magnet.

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    I think maybe Zagg makes the Logitech one for them or vice-versa. Mine has Zagg on the back even though it's Logitech.

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