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Thread: Help! Downloading while driving-your experiences?

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    Help! Downloading while driving-your experiences?
    As I posted elsewhere, when I got a Verizon 3G iPad, we couldn't effectively download stuff while driving on I-15 from LA to Vegas to Utah. My kid was surfing, but to actually download a complete app etc didn't work. Just very slow or maybe signal dropouts.

    Is this normal? Or is mine maybe defective, as my friend wondered?

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    From my memory of I-15 LA to Vegas..... mountains, desert, long distances between cell towers. It's a wonder you can get a decent signal at all once you leave Barstow. So yes, it's normal.

    I've got a Verizon 4G iPad (3rd generation) here in the Dallas - Fort Worth area where there are numerous cell towers and good LTE reception. I still get drop outs once in awhile depending on where I am at the moment.

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    I have that issue in my area with my verizon 4s and ipad 2 its probably just the location

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