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    Question GoPro Hero video - can I import using "Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit"?
    Can anyone confirm whether, if I buy the "Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit":

    a) Will I be able to import full quality video from a GoPro Hero (say 5 minutes worth) to the iPad
    b) Once I get home can I then copy it in it's full/raw form to my Macbook

    i.e. for portability whilst i'm out I'm trying to determine if the iPad will suffice from getting video from friends with GoPro Hero's / GoPro's and then bring it home (else if not then I will have to take my MacBook Pro with the "Moshi Universal Media Reader" I guess).

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    I believe GoPro is using standard files - so you should be able to import it using the camera connection kit - as long as the GoPro can self power while transferring.

    I actually have a Contour HD - and use the SD card reader. I have an adapter that makes microSD into SD - and have read it into my iPad. That way I don't have to worry about my Contour battery.

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