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    iPad 3 - problems streaming video
    So I've been trying to stream video on my iPad 3. HBO Go specifically - but it keeps buffering, then I lose video and the audio only plays.

    Hulu and Netflix stream fine on my TV through the Bluray player.
    Netflix works on the iPad.
    So it can't be a weak internet issue, right?!

    I don't understand why I'm having so many problems with it? I even changed the DNS to Google's public DNS to see if that would help. No dice so far.

    Anyone know what I can do?

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    It might have to do with open apps in your multitask bar, double click on the bar -> select an app and press on it to get the minus sign. Press on the minus sign to close apps, and then try your videos. Or there can be the problem of netflix over 3G as there is a restriction of ""(1 hour of iPad Netflix over 3G = 250MB)"" Although I was using WiFi this restriction was still working because I had 3G turned on. I turned off the 3G, and everything was fine; continuous streaming and HD no problem.
    Let me know if this resolves your issue.

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