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    iPad won't stay off/0.5A charging questions
    Hi All:

    I understand the iPad really needs 2A to charge, and will charge somewhat from a 1A USB connection.

    It's less clear to me (and unspecified at Apple's page) what happens if connected to a 0.5A charger, like from many factory car adaptors.

    Obviously that does not supply enough juice to run the iPad and charge the battery. But does it provide any juice at all?
    - It would seem to me 0.5A is better than nothing
    - If the iPad is OFF, then 0.5A should charge it eventually.

    I'm asking because I'm trying this, but I keep getting beeping. I power down the iPad, keep hearing beeps, look at the iPad, and it is awake. What the heck is up with that?


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    What beeps are you hearing? Reminders from events? If so, those are triggered on alarm events from the clock and the iPad is waking up to make those sounds and go back to sleep.

    Yes you can definitely charge from a 500 mA connection, but it will just take absolutely forever. Charging my iPad 2 from the wall charger when it reaches 10% takes at least 6+ hours to reach the 100% mark. These are some big batteries in the iPad..
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    Not reminder beeps.

    Must have been something about that particular charger? Although there was also an issue plugged into an iMac.

    Eventually it did charge overnight...and I bought 2A charging adaptors...

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    Are you actually turning the iPad actually OFF? I find to my surprise that a lot of people have NO IDEA how to actually power down an iPad.

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