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    Question Charging iPad with 6v dynamo on a bike
    I am a cycle tourist. I have a 6v a/c dynamo in my front wheel which charges a 5800mah battery. I use this battery to keep my head light, my phone, my mp3player and any other electronic gadget I choose to carry. I know the basics of electricity and I understand that different gadgets require different power supplies. My iPhone uses the same charger as my new iPad. I know the voltage requirements of the iPad are different to the iPod.

    Will I damage my iPad battery if I try to charge it with a 6v battery pack?

    I will be traveling remote in outback Australia for a few weeks and I want to keep my blog up to date.

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    I don't believe it would damage it per se, but it probably won't charge it either...

    Here's a bit more about the iPad's battery and charging requirements:

    The iPad's charging challenge explained | Macworld

    Do you know how many amps the outlet provides? Have you ever charged any other USB-style devices from it?
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    I've also been looking at this, because I'm also a cycling tourist when I can get the time! I don't have iPad but iPhone and like to travel light so that's my camera too.

    I would check out the Busch and Muller E-Werk Power Supply. It will take charge from a dynamo hub and has a cached battery which is the important thing. There is some detail on this link I've provided.

    Hmm I just noticed some technical detail about support for Apple I devices. There is lots of anecdotal evidence in cycling forums regarding general success powering Apple devices so I'm not sure about this.

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