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SteelblueTJ 06-24-2012 05:39 AM

Should I sell my iPad for a Macbook Air?
I bought a new iPad a few months ago. While it is an awesome device, I feel limited to what I can do with it. I don't really do much on it other than browse the web, or play an occasional game. I find it to be clumsy and awkward to use since theres no built in keyboard and trying to view it comfortably is always a challenge unless you get a lap stand or something. I miss not having a trackpad or cursor while I'm using it too. I don't know, sometimes it nice, then other times it's limited. I've been thinking about getting a refurb Macbook air. Anyone else been in the same situation at some point? Thanks

chscag 06-24-2012 09:34 AM

There have been several good articles written in MacWorld and MacLife magazines comparing using an iPad to that of a MacBook Pro or Air. The authors stated that while the iPad is a great device, it does not replace a real computer. And they were able to do many things on their iPads that I thought not possible.

I also have a new 3rd Generation iPad 4G that I use as backup when I'm away from a net connection or WiFi. If you're dissatisfied with your iPad, then sell it and buy a MBA or MBP.

chas_m 06-25-2012 05:56 AM

It sounds to me like the following two things are true:

1. You'd be happier with a MacBook air or something similar.
2. You haven't really explored options on the iPad beyond the most basic ones.

As chscag said, the iPad can do a LOT (particularly with the addition of a bluetooth keyboard) that many people don't expect at first. But it's still not (and never was) intended as a replacement for a notebook, it's intended as a replacement for certain *activities* people tended to buy notebooks or desktops to do.

I have a LOT more fun viewing videos, editing photos, reading books, answering email and drawing on my iPad than I do on my MacBook Pro. Of course, I have more "fun" editing audio, doing my daily writing and other "sit at a desk" type duties on my MacBook over my iPad.

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