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    Hiding sidebar in Gmail (AND) Where are the archived messages?
    (1) To the left of the messages on my wife's IPad2, there's a kind of sidebar in which you see the various gmail mailboxes. Is it possible to temporarily hide this sidebar? If you expand the text size in an e-mail, you are limited by the sidebar, which takes up a lot of room on the screen.

    (2) Also, I've just 'archived' an e-mail (gmail) and it has disappeared. Where is the archive and how can I get to it?

    Thanks in advance ...


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    Dec 12, 2009
    Question (2) resolved ...
    I've now realised that the 'Archived' messages are stored in 'All Mail' so my number (2) question is resolved.

    However, I still can't figure out whether it's possible to hide or collapse the side bar in Mail which shows all the mailboxes for Gmail. At times, I'd like to use the full screen to read e-mails but the sidebar takes up a lot of room.


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    I'm assuming you're using the built-in mail app.

    You can't hide the sidebar in landscape view but in portrait you can just swipe it left/right to bring it into view/hide it.

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    Thanks very much for your explanation ... now I understand.


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