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Thread: Audio Book on iPad gen. 1

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    Audio Book on iPad gen. 1
    I purchased an audiobook (The Watchman's Rattle - Costa) a year ago on Amazon. I sync'd it from my iMac to my iPad and listened to it one time and part of a second time. I then sync'd without the book to make room for other things on the iPad. Now I want to listen to the book again. I have again sync'd (with the audiobook selected) but cannot find the book on my iPad. Where do I look for it?
    Any help on using purchased audiobooks on a gen. one iPad will be appreciated.

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    there should be an audiobooks selection under the "more" tab. If not i would double check Itunes to make sure it is stored in as an audiobook rather than just a regular MP3 file. Right click your your audiobook file select "get info", go to the options tab and make sure the Media Kind is Audiobook. Hope this helps

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    AudioBook on iPad
    Thank you. Last night I upgraded to 5.1.1. This morning I checked to be sure the book was an audiobook file (on get info) and that it was selected. Then I sync'd it again. On my music app, there is still nothing about audio books uder the "more" tab. I think I will try buying a new audiobook and see if it transfers and if maybe there is something corrupt in the one I now have?

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    I don't use (and have never used) audio books. But, I would try going to Amazon your iPad and then going to Digial Media (Purchases) and see if your audio book shows up. If so, you can click on it and do a direct download.

    EDIT: I did an edit to my original post because I forgot you had purchased from Amazon, not iTunes. Anyway, you can resend to your IOS devices purchased digital content from Amazon's website

    EDIT2: I had to refresh my memory . . . sign in to your Amazon account and go to Orders and then select Digital Orders. From there you can click on Manage Your Kindle and you can resend your digital purchase to your iPad.
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    Problem solved
    Thank you. I found I had ordered throught iTunes, went to the account, downloaded again and then sync'd it. Worked fine showing audiobooks on Music ap.

    Thank you - problem solved.

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