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    New iPad uneven tint - a note of thanks
    I know this topic has been discussed to death, but I just wanted to share my tale in case in was of any use to anyone else (short version: I am writing to say thanks to the members of this forum).

    First, I got a new iPad on launch day, but after a few days became convinced it had an uneven tint - a dark shadow spreading out from one corner. After wondering if it was really there or if it was just me, I began looking into the issue online, and came across the numerous posts on this forum about it. Reading these posts convinced me to take the unit back and get a replacement. Apple agreed that there was a tint issue (although the genius thought it was pink!) and replaced with no questions.

    However, the replacement looked to me like it had an uneven yellow tint also, The genius assured me that it didn't, but after a day or two I was convinced it had the same problem. Back it went again. Although Apple claimed to see no issue with it, they replaced it again with no complaints.

    The third iPad looked ok in the store, but upon getting it home I discovered it had a blue patch across part of the screen, which was extremely distracting when reading on a white background. Again, the posts on this forum convinced me not to settle, and to return it again.

    Today, I took it back for a third time. Genius saw it straight away (though interestingly said it looked pink), and replaced with no quibbles. Now on iPad no.4 and it seems perfect (or at least as perfect as you can get anyway).

    Moral of the story: don't settle.

    So thanks to the members of this forum, and also to Apple customer services.

    That's all I had to say!

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    I think that Apple Genius has a case of pink-eye!!

    (sorry, bad joke, had to be done though)

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