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    sync ipad2 with imac
    I have a itunes account and have set up my ipad with it.(sync) what i need to do is get rid of all the pictures i have downloaded from my mac. i go back to photos under itunes uncheck all the folders and hit apply then sync. its doing something for at least 5 minutes then gives me a window saying --the ipads **********cannot be synced you do not have the privlieges to make changes.
    can i get step by step instructions on how to delete these photos?

    thanks, Mark

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    This can happen if you are trying to sync photos from a shared folder. Have you definitely unchecked all photos? - ie. it says photos 0 (zero) on the top right of the photos tab in iTunes.

    Also, do you have multiple users? Does this happen on all users?

    If you're using iPhoto some people report deleting all versions of the iPod photo cache can relieve the issue:
    User-Pictures-iPhoto Library-iPod Photo Cache

    Which version of iTunes?
    Are you running OSX? which version?
    or Windows? Which version?

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