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    Apr 24, 2012
    MLB blackout iPad
    Hello I'm new here.

    I was just wondering if anyone had luck getting around MLB blackout.
    I live in canada and my jays games are all blacked out.
    I tried using proxies and I just cannot get around it. It works on my pc but not my iPad.
    I understand there's a jail broken app that fakes my location.
    My iPad is an iPad 2 iOS 5.1....anyone got any ideas!

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    This certainly sounds like you're trying to break the law. This site obeys US law and copyright law, so we're probably done here.

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    Breaking the law?

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    Yes. Google DMCA if you're confused.

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    It's MLB's terms of service and by using it you're bound to it. As others have said, there are laws covering this and while you may think the terms of service are little more than some fine printing on a webpage, they are enforceable.

    I'd love to watch in-market games as well but as long as I'm living in Pittsburgh I won't be able to do that. I doubt MLB will be changing their stance anytime soon (I suspect it has something to do with contractual agreements with local cable stations). It's a pain but since it's in the terms of service, you have to abide by it and not do anything to get around it, especially since it's likely in violation of law.

    PS: We miss Jose Bautista in Pittsburgh!!!
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