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    Got Ipad (3rd gen) as graduation present! What to do with it??
    Hello everyone, I am graduating with Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and my family got Ipad3 as surprise present! I was very happy but not sure what to do with it. I already have MBP (early 2011) and awesome desktop (Windows I built).

    I was wondering where Ipad is usually used? Also what are some great App to get? I was thinking of Dropbox and Netflix. Also saw Air Display which I thought it was cool to use for MBP as well. Finally, I know there are some app for remote connection to MBP. What are your opinions on which app to use??

    Thank you guys in advance!

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    I usually think of and heard other iPad users using an iPad when:

    - relaxing on the couch
    - as a passenger in a car, bus, airplane, or in a airport terminal
    - in bed
    - on the toilet

    Basically you use it in places where carrying or "whipping-out" a laptop computer is a hassle. Im sure you'll find numerous ways to "fit" an iPad into your life!

    The hard part is done (getting one) it's time to have fun!

    - Nick
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    Here's what I use mine for:

    *Replying to emails by voice. I love this feature.
    *Reading books and magazines.
    *Watching podcasts, movies, TV shows
    *Playing games
    *Enjoying photography (mine and other people's)
    *FaceTime conferencing with friends around the world
    *Editing photos (more and more these days)
    *Taking courses with iTunes U
    *Large maps for travel
    *Assisting in my stargazing
    *Online shopping, travel booking and of course general web surfing

    That covers most of the major activities I do with it.

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