Hi all,

Just want some advice. Basically I've had my iPad 2 for about a year now. When I first got my iPad back in March last year there was a broken pixel when black displayed it would display a white dot which to put in simple terms upset me. I then took it back to the apple store and had to spend about a hour trying to get them to get it sorted. They then promised a replacement although lumbered me with a 'brown box' iPad I think they referred to it as. I then had further problems with that iPad another broken pixel - phoned them back up got sent a new one, cutting a long story short I got the 3rd iPad and it had even worser backlight bleeding.

After going through 3 iPads I was miffed, wanted a iPad though so I decided to keep it based upon the fact they basically said they wouldnt replace it again and said that they are bounds to have problems like this, he also said it would settle so I've been living with it for a year now. Up until recently whenever I use my iPad I tend to watch films etc a lot and these bloody annoying bright spots fill every corner of the screen reaching out on to the screen, and it is driving me up the wall, I think it's got worser.

I know that it has been a long time but do you think apple will do anything for me? I was thinking about selling this and buying a iPad 3 although I don't think i could do as the problem is just recking the iPad.

Thanks for reading.