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    Looking for a good iPad 3 Screen Protector/Privacy Filter-No Fingerprints
    I recently purchased an iPhone 4S and as part of that purchased a screen protector for it. I've gone through many screen protectors with previous iPhone's I've owned but none are as good as the one I purchased for the iPhone 4S. It's a screen protector from Monaco and it's a great screen protector but also it does a good job of making your screen more anti-glare which is great in sunlight plus it also has a privacy filter and also does a good job of protecting from Fingerprints. Most of the other screen protectors don't do any of this.

    Monaco made a screen protector for the iPad 2 and I'm not sure if it would work with the iPad 3. I don't know enough about specs to know if this would work. Does anyone know if it would work on the iPad 3?

    Also, I spoke with Monaco and unfortunately they told me that they are no longer going to make screen protectors. I hope to be able to use one of their iPad 2 screen protectors that is still available but if not, does anyone know of any other good iPad 3 screen protectors? One of the most difficult parts of the a screen protector to me is applying them. I often have trouble getting air bubbles in them and sometimes have to go through 2 or maybe 3 to get one to work. Easy of applying is important but I want a good overall screen protector. I don't know how many have hit the market yet but does anyone know of a good screen protector for the iPad 3. Also, i have a Motorola Xoom and am looking for a good screen protector for that also. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Ghost Armor is my recomendation, protects your screen so well even dropping it wont crack screen, look for a local ghost armor distributor around you

    Ghost Armor Cell Phone Skins and Cases, Laptop Wraps & Screen Protectors | Ghost Armor

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