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    New iPad in Thailand
    According to official Apple resellers, the new iPad (3) will only be available here in a few months. Yet many small shops sell all models, apparently imported from China and Singapore.

    I have no doubt that these are genuine iPads but the question of warranty comes up. And what is the difference from the case that I bring one in from the States or Europe?

    Can/Should I buy or wait?

    P.S.: The most expensive version (64GB - 4G) costs 29'9oo Baht which is approx. $ 963.-

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    If you are sure that the iPads are not counterfeit, then you have only one reason to wait: you can't get service on an iPad in Thailand until they are officially on sale there.

    The odds of you needing service are small, but if you do you wouldn't have much if any way to use the warranty until the iPad goes on sale officially.

    A 64GB 4G iPad in the US costs $829, but with tax it would be around $900 so you're not that far off.

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