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    Please Help...why can't a photo be attached using email
    Hi folks, I new here. I was all ready to buy the new ipad on Sunday. Then I remembered why I returned v.2 . The file management system seems to be limited.

    For example, I know I can email a photo from "photos" but I want to be able to attach a file from email.

    What bugs me the mos is that I spend a lot of time on forums. Like this forum you can manage attachements. I can't figure out how to do this on the new Ipad.

    Am I missing something or is that just the way it is?

    And if that is the way it is....WHY?



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    Maybe this free app will help. LINK to download.

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    One workaround is to copy the picture by pressing and holding on the image , then hit copy. Once your on the email MSG, you can then paste the image(s) by performing the same press and hold function. Alternatively, you can download sparrow ( Sparrow — Get mail done) email, which can let you attach files directly from its email app

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    Quote Originally Posted by boulderbobo View Post
    For example, I know I can email a photo from "photos" but I want to be able to attach a file from email.
    Then what you're really looking for is a document-management program that lets you select a file to be attached to email. Maybe something like GoodReader or QuickOffice.

    The iPad hides the file system on purpose and for very good reason: managing files is not something most people actually want to do, and it both intimidates people and reduces their enjoyment of the device.

    Once you wrap your head around the concept that because there's "no filesystem" you have to initiate the attachment process from within the program whose document you wan to attach, it seems pretty natural and normal at least to me.

    But if you find yourself wanting to do it the other way round all the time, I would gently suggest that the iPad isn't really the device you want, and what you really want is a netbook or notebook of some kind. While the iPad can replace MANY if not MOST of the functions the average user currently uses a net/notebook for, the iPad isn't intended to replace EVERY function of a notebook, wasn't designed to do that and probably won't ever do that.

    For many people, the iPad already does MORE than they need a computer for, but just as there will always be people who need a TRUCK rather than a car, there will always be people who need that extra functionality a notebook type device provides.

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